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"Did I forget to mention? School's back in session, get ready for a lesson!!"--JC Chasez

This semester in all reality really hasn't been that bad; however, I am beyond the point of mental exhaustion from the build up of continuous academic succession. In laymen's terms, I have been going to school for too long without a much needed break. Yet, I shall push on come Monday and complete this spring term and continue in August for the fall term. It seems to never end sometimes. I am really rambling at this point. Now, on to the fun stuff....

What I did on my Spring Break (the title sounds kindergartenish but bare with me)

Friday: Risa and Nicki return to J-town. I worked and then Risa and I go see Hidalgo. We give it too thumbs up even if it is about Viggo and his little pony. We got a little teary eyed at the end but all was well. Also, continued the tradition of sneaking food into the theatre...refusing to pay high prices for popcorn...God bless sheetz...you'd be surprised how much you can pack into a big purse...

Saturday: Work on model for scenic design...mad props for me...Risa and I go to the mall and out to eat. Then we picked up Nick and rented "Lost in Translation"..."Rip my stocking!!!"

Sunday: Work 10-5...Risa and I go see Return of the King (my 5th viewing and her seventh...call us crazy we don't care)...movie breaks down during good Smeagol/Gollum part...Risa and I reasure the audience that if they can't fix the movie we will act out the rest of it for a small fee (a little extra however will be charged for the Aragorn and Arwen kissing scene)

Monday: Work on model some more and finish taxes...soooo productive. Grimme calls and we meet for dinner, pretty much amend things. Later, Risa comes over and we watched The Inferno...Coral, you is the woman!

Tuesday: Nicki and I pick up Risa and we go for a drive..wash Sammy (Nick's car) and Nick takes Ris and I back to my house. We chill for awhile and Nick comes back for us, takes Ris home, and I go back to Nicki's house. Amber joins us and we get wasted. Amber projectile vomits for the course of the night and guess who gets clean up duty... Now, for drunken quotes (all Amber quotes are completely said at random):
"Princess Diana was a bitch..I wouldn't throw my self down stairs even if I was carrying Jeffrey Domber's baby"--Amber

"Adam got a body that just don't quit"---Amber
"The only thing tight on Adam's body is his pants"--me to Nicki

"Adam Sizzle loves Thad Wizzle!"--Me screaming into the phone at Adam who secretly loves his roomy so we suspect

"There's money on the table now go!"--Amber
"I feel like a cheap whore"--Nicki's dad
"Hey that was a 20 she could've been really bad and stuck one dollar bills down your pants"--me

"You guys need men that are untainted"--Amber to me and Nicki
"What the hell is she talking about..Adam has more baggage than an airport terminal"--Nicki

Wednesday: Wake up at Nicki's and feel like a train hit me....go home and get ready for work....work...home...sleep

Thursday: Go shopping in Altoona with the girls YAY!! I got two Pirates of the Caribbean t-shirts and one "Say Anything..." shirt...love those movies, 2 Legolas pins, a "say anything.." pin, and a pirate pin, bath and body works spray, and two belle snowglobes at the disney store cuz I love her...yes I am six years old..we then almost mamed people in traffic to get to Krispy Creme because the light was on for hot donuts....finally we ate at Don Pablo's and returned home...Matt stopped over and we chatted for awhile.

Friday: Went over to Jess' new apartment and helped her with her model, came home and then went to see the new Johnny Depp movie "Secret Window" with the girls...we love him and even though the movie wasn't that great, he is always wonderful in everything and funny too...Nicki was irritated at the fact that people were talking during the movie and kept yelling the quote of the night "Shut up, this is Johnny Depp time and I will kill you, you motherf*ckers"...and now I am here and bored. Tomorrow I will be working 10-5 and the same with Sunday. The girls are going back to school tomorrow afternoon so for the rest of the weekend I will have nothing to do *sigh* I was thinking about going over to Penn National by myself to watch Wrestle Mania but I don't know if I want to do that. I could ask Jess to come but I don't think I would want to put her through the now five-hour broadcast.

In other news, Risa, Nicki and I will be attending the Pittsburgh Symphany Orchestra in July being conducted by the fabulous Howard Shore (the man responsible for the music of the Lord of the Rings and winner of several oscars) YAY!! Risa and I will be going to see Christina in Pittsburgh in June and Jess and I will be going to see Dave Matthews. So those are my summer plans thus far..Nothing else is really new so I guess that is my update...I hope this kills some reading time at work Doug lol and yes I miss ya.

until next time my nizzles!!
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