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Summer recap!!!

Well, I haven't updated in a very long time so I figure that there is no time like the present. This summer I feel has been very relaxing and overall a good time. I hate this time of the year though. Once I get into the swing of things with class again I should be alright, but right now someone is gonna have to drag me to upj on monday kicking and screaming. Anyway let's skip to the summary of the summer that was, shall we...

I've been to the movies a total of thirteen times and here's what I've seen...
Man on Fire, Van Helsing, Troy *twice*, The Day After Tomorrow, Shrek II, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Spiderman II, Farenheit 911 *twice*, The Manchurian Candidate, Without a Paddle, and The Notebook.....not to mention all the movies I've seen that ris and nicki rented....call us losers but there's nothing else to do in this god forsaken town.

Next, I saw two concerts. Me and Jess went to see Dave Matthews and he was wonderful as always. Then, me and Nick and Ris went to see Howard Shore conduct the pittsburgh symphony orchestra. Now, for those of you not playing the home game..Howard did all of the music for The Lord of the Rings and he rules.

This summer also consisted of two trips at a week a piece down to north carolina. During the first trip I met a boy...and now I'm starting to fall for said boy. Kenny treats me better than anyone has ever even thought about treating me and even though this relationship is going to be very difficult due to long distance, I'm not stressing. I'm really comfortable with him and I trust him. He really wants to make this work. I'll go there, he'll come here, we'll make it work. If it's meant to be it will be.

In between all of these events, I've either been working, hanging out with my girls, reading (I've read The Lord of the Rings series and am finishing up with the Harry Potter series) or helping out with my pap who was really sick this summer. He's doing decently well now. Oh....I almost forgot...we got a new kitten too. Her name is Kali and she is absolutely adorable. Well I just figured I would let everyone know what's been up with me...I hope to start updating this thing more often...talk to everybody lata
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