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Gather 'round kiddies and I'll give you an update....

Well, I guess that I will do this update here in sections. First, the pappy situation...My grandpa got released from the hospital, was at home for a week, and then was admitted back into the hospital because he was experiencing congestive heart failure. He should've never have been discharged in the first place. So he has been in the hospital again now for about a week and a half and his surgery is scheduled for June 3 as of now. He needs either a double or triple bypass and a valve replacement. I'm praying that everything goes ok.
On a personal note, the whole situation has me absolutely exhausted. It's like I wake up, either tutor or help around here or my gram's, and then down to the hospital or to work. I feel like my tank is running on empty and gas prices are way too expensive to fill me up. *sorry for the stupid car metaphor* Next, I have been doing some fun stuff with the ladies lately. Alot and I mean alot of movies. So far this summer I have seen Man on Fire, Van Helsing, Troy *twice*, and Shrek 2. On my birthday, we are going to see The Day after Tomorrow and we still have to see Spiderman 2 and Harry Potter. Damn that's alot of movies. Anyway, pressing on, work is ok I guess. No one will turn on the air in the back so it is like 110 degrees. So, that's always nice. I get so frustrated when I have to go there anymore. I don't know why. I think I just really need to take one of my vacations. I am seriously thinking of going down to North Carolina for a week and stay with my cousin. Hopefully, I'll hit the lottery, meet a nice Southern boy and never come back....yeah I wish lol. Anyway, I've had a very productive day got gas and an oil change in Lloyd aka The Tempo, picked up my pre-ordered copy of The Return of the King, and cleaned up my room. Go me! Speaking of The Return of the King, I went with Ris to get her copy last night at midnight and low and behold there is Anthony Rizzo that I graduated. I for one hate playing the "who is gonna say hi to who first cuz we graduated together" game, so I didn't say anything. I just gave him the usual "fuck you, you egotistical, steriod injected, think you are god's gift to the world but you are really worthless, asshole" glare. He was probably the person I couldn't stand the most out of the guys. I don't like saying hi to people that I didn't like in high school. I mean why ask "hi how are u?", if I really don't care. Well I think I am gonna be out for now. Fo shizzle my nizzles!
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