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"So I walk alone, I ask no quarter friend...."

So, this weekend was semi-eventful. Friday, I worked and then Ris, Nicki, and I went out galavanting. The night was very reminiscent of junior year with the choice of music, the scalping, and the drive-by lol. The only thing missing was Rose with her camera. Saturday, I worked til 4. Really crushin on this guy. We shall see how it pans out. Then, Sunday I went to church for the first time since like Christmas, ate at Anthony's, and came home only to watch my beloved Lakers get ass-raped. Not happy. The interesting thing that happened was that Matt and I had a nice long chat about stuff and I think we've decided that we should be friends again. Which is cool considering we have alot in common, we usually have a good time hanging out, and I really can talk to him about stuff. So, that is a good thing. Moving on, this week is going to kill me. I have a final on Wed., a group project due on friday, and Suzanne and I have to write our last speech. It is gonna suck majorly. We have to have 10 sources, 4 visual aids, and we have to give it the same day I have my dramatic art final. Kill me. I have no motivation. I don't want to work anymore. I get so pissed off anymore when my alarm goes off and I know where I have to go. The only bright spot of my week is going to be the Fuel concert. I have dubbed Wed. "Fuel day." I will be attending class, coming home to change, and coming right back up to school to wait in line. I will be in the front and I will be infront of Brett Scallions if it kills me. That is all for now...except for the quote of the day...

"You were the only girl I went out with that wasn't crazy"--Matt
"thanks? lol"--Me
"That didn't come out right did it?"--Matt
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