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Then I'll tell myself that this is the last time now....I bleed for you

I'm kinda in a blah mood today. I've been thinking about alot of crap that's been in the back of my head. I guess I normally don't say alot of it to avoid conflict. I feel I dunno like I'm at a different place in my life. Mentally and emotionally I just don't feel like the same person anymore. This all results then in me feeling very alone. I don't really feel I have anyone that I can relate to on alot of levels. I pretty much keep to myself lately. When I do get in social situations like at school, I listen and talk and interact with people but deep down I'm thinking "I am nothing like you." I don't feel like I fit anywhere anymore. eh..sorry to bore all of you this is kind of a pointless ranting entry or perhaps just PMS kicking in, who knows?
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