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Guess who's back!!!

so, i haven't updated in awhile and alot has happened since then. dated a guy i thought was wonderful but then came to the realization that he is just like the rest of them. but i think i am over that situation and secure in the fact that i am much better than that and deserve better than all the shit i've dealt with in the guy department.
school or should i say hell has started once again and upj reals it's ugly head. for christ sake i think they should just send a flyer in the mail every year that says "hey kiddies...you know what time of the year it is...time to give massive amounts of money and get prepared to bend over and commence the butt-fucking with no lube...go upj!" this weekend will be excellent though with iup and risa and nicki. yay! i love my girls! but until then i have shits loads of stuff to do and i don't wanna do it *whines*...some one come motivate me! damnit!
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